Best TV guides for poker

Even though poker TV shows are relegated to niche enthusiasts at one point, it seemed to go hand-in-hand with the rise of poker in general. In fact, these TV shows may just have been the reason why the game became so popular in the first place.

The World Poker Tour did manage to have moderate success on TV before the WSOP started being telecast on ESPN in 2003 and blew everything up.

For a number of years after that, you couldn’t go through channel guides without seeing a few poker shows being aired somewhere or the other. These weren’t all showing people who played poker, though. You could even learn about things like missed blinds in poker. If you ask us, any show that teaches you about missed blinds in poker is one you should not miss.

Sadly, TV guides weren’t so popular anymore after government regulations were tightened on this issue. Poker enthusiasts were forced to find alternate avenues to broadcast poker, and that’s where the internet comes into the picture. Here are some places where you will be able to find countless hours of poker programming:


Surprisingly, poker is among the main reasons Twitch is so popular nowadays apart from video game streaming. You will not just find streamers who are hosting poker shows but also syndicated re-runs of poker shows from the past.

Poker Stars TV

This is the only poker website which has taken it upon themselves to target live streaming space. They’ve done a pretty good job of it too. You won’t just find live streams to keep you interested, but also replays of past streams on a myriad of topics.


You will be able to watch live streams of just about any WSOP event through this channel. But that’s not what people come for. They are here for the huge library of past events.